Power distribution


EnergoPro SIA offers to supply substation equipment from 0.4kV to 330kV and above:

  • Power transformers up to 330kV;
  • Dry type and hermetic oil type transformers;
  • Metering transformers;
  • SF6 and air insulated switchgears;
  • Metal and concrete Compact Substations;
  • MV and HV switch disconnectors;
  • MV and HV cable accessories;
  • Relay protection panels and terminals for 6kV to 750kV networks;
  • Remote control and monitoring systems.

Project management

EnergoPro SIA offers project management services for supply of medium and high voltage substations equipment, design, engineering and commissioning of relay protection. Experienced professionals will manage the project from the design phase to commissioning, as well as servicing the equipment during the warranty and post-warranty periods.


EnergoPro SIA manufacture and supply RTU (Remote Terminal Unit) cabinets and complete SCADA (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition) cabinets and solutions, including design, configuration, factory acceptance tests (FAT) and signals comissioning at site.

RTU and SCADA cabinets are widely supplied for electrical utility, power plants and industry energy segments.

Panel Manufacturing

EnergoPro SIA manufacture and supply relay protection panels and turn-key relay automation solutions, including design, relays pre-configuration at our manufacturing facilities, factory acceptance tests (FAT), and commissioning at site.

Our relay panels production range is for 6kV - 750kV substations.

Testing & Commissioning

EnergoPro SIA performs 6kV to 330kV substations relay protection and automation configuration and parametrization. Using Omicron's test equipment, we carry out relay protection, interoperability testing with the control system, and measuring transformer testing. Following the latest trends in high-voltage substation solutions, we are certified for digital substation relay protection parametrization and testing.


EnergoPro SIA offers maintenance and post-warranty repair of medium voltage equipment. We also carry out upgrade and retrofit of the existing equipment with motor drives and other technical solutions. Our staff is qualified and trained at the manufacturer's facilities.

EnergoPro SIA carry out service works, regular and preventive maintenance of relay protection and measuring transformers. EnergoPro SIA certified personnel offers best solutions for replacing and adjusting of semiconductor and microprocessor relays that have been in operation for more than 20 years. 


EnergoPro SIA offers training for distribution network Relion 615, 620 and 630 series relays and transmission network Relion 650 and 670 series relays for new and experienced relay protection engineers. Courses include PCM600 software training, relay configuration and parameterization, IEC61850 communication protocol configuration (Client-Server, GOOSE, Process Bus).

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