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HUAWEI SUN2000-450W-P2 - Smart Module Controller

HUAWEI SUN2000-450W-P2

  • Module level optimization
  • Safe voltage rapid shutdown
  • Module level monitoring < 5s Auto mapping

Price: 37,80 EUR (excl. VAT)

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HUAWEI Wi-Fi dongle


  • Plug & Play connection to inverter
  • WLAN/Fast Ethernet communication via Smart Dongle-FE
  • Support max 10 inverters communication

Price: 53,20 EUR (excl. VAT)

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HUAWEI Smart Power Sensor DTSU666-H 3-phase 250A

HUAWEI Smart Power Sensor

  • Measurement accuracy > class 1 with full temperature range
  • Power export limitation control
  • LCD display, convenient for users to set and check
  • Overall power consumption ≤ 1 W

Price: 143,00 EUR (excl. VAT)

Availability: >10

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